Our logistical service aims to integrally manage every phase of transport, including a comprehensive consultation to choose the most suitable mean of transport for you, customs clearance, insurance, special needs for hazardous cargo…

As a logistical operator committed to the whole process, we cover every phase of transport, from storing goods to their distribution upon destination. We have two storage houses to provide our clients with a goods storage and handling service. Our storage houses are equipped with surveillance cameras and comply with every security guarantee. Our storage houses are located in:

  • Castellon (Spain): 1,000 covered square metres and 1,500 uncovered square metres
  • Sassuolo (Italy): 1,500 covered square metres and 2,000 uncovered square metres

We distribute and transport goods from our reference points Castellon (Spain), Sassuolo (Italy) and Kehl (Germany) to anywhere within the country.


For other routes: we individually analyse special cases and set their conditions accordingly with every client.


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